We exist to impact our city and beyond with the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ. We strive to demonstrate his love to all people. We work to bridge divides between God, His people, and others. We aspire to empower and challenge individuals, families, communities and other churches to do the same.



Because the Love of Christ Compels us. Because we are called. Because once called, resistance is futile. Because we are engaged as partners and ambassadors in a Holy act of reconciliation between God and ALL things and all people.

We have experienced active love and now act as vessels of that love for our brothers and sisters; who are so often torn apart by tribe, preconceived notions, apathy, and ignorance, which breeds fear, and fear is not of God. We are compelled to reach out to those who hurt, the cast aside, the forgotten, the anesthetized, the simply numb, the unchurched and the de-churched in an authentically missional way.

We have been commissioned by God to GO and make disciples. We believe we can help heal others through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can engage in healing work because we know the Healer, and He is with us.



God’s Word, God’s Presence, God’s People

We will remain firmly rooted in sound doctrine found only in the illuminated and unchanging word of God; as is the remedy to every situation known to mankind. We will be intentional to always engage the presence of God through the Holy Spirit in our planning as well as our execution. We place extremely high value on people and their souls over numbers, dollars and agendas.





Our story, like every story, is long, as you can imagine. But here is a somewhat condensed version. In 2003, while attending a worship service at my then home church in Atlanta, Georgia, I had a supernatural experience with God that would change the very course of my life forever. During that experience I felt like I heard Him say to me, “It’s time to go back home son, and here's what I want you to do; marry Jerica (my best half, best friend and beautiful bride of 13 years), support your mother in ministry, and prepare to record new gospel music.” At the time I was an R&B singer/songwriter with a budding and promising career, so I really had no clue what all of that meant. But the impression was so strong, I just obeyed quickly. Fast forward some years; my mother transitioned from pastoring into her next God assignment and my wife and I fasted and prayed for clarity about what God was doing, we finally accepted the call to pastor. I honestly had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I believe God was using all of this to prepare me for what was next. With our decision our lives began to changed rapidly. Seemingly overnight I went from traveling the world as a background singer for a prominent R&B superstar, to exposure to mega churches as a worship leader, to a divine partnership with a church in Fernandina Beach, FL that would last for 3 years. Here we are now, 3 ½ years later, and God’s doing exactly what he said He’d do; use the Amazing Life Church to uniquely impact the city of Jacksonville for His glory!